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Justin Thomas


3 Nov

The Ruined

3 November, 2017, Brooklyn

25 Sep

LayeRhythm Dance and Music Jam

25 September, 2017, New York

29 Sep

Uptown Soul Lounge

29 September, 2017, New York


Actor and Singer


Living Young For Ever  the phrase coined at the beginning of my artistic journey. Its an ode to keep that inner fire of youth burning inside to live life in the best way as we did when we were kids with little worry. The Arts saved my life as a kid when I battled depression from dealing with cancer and it gave me purpose.  I had never plan to pursue arts as I was a three sport athlete who school required a fine arts before graduation could occur. Upon the completion of the class, my eyes had been opened to a whole new meaning of life and understanding. God had a plan for me that I couldn’t see that involved telling my stories and the stories of others. I felt the old me die in that hospital and born anew.

Justin Thomas

aka J-llyfe


Justin Thomas

Singer . Songwriter